Just a Reminder - When Placing Online Orders

Only Breakfast Items Are Offered Before 10AM

When placing online orders: If you place an online order for a lunch menu item before 10AM the order will not be filled until 10AM or after. Any order placed online at closing will be filled the next business day, unless you call us. Orders for Breakfast items at 8AM. All others at 10AM.

28 West Center Street - Pima, AZ 85543 (off of HWY 70)

About El Mesquite Taqueria

At El Mesquite Taqueria, our family strives to offer our personal rendition of Sonoran cuisine while embodying an innovative Arizonan style. We started El Mesquite in 2008 in order to share our passion for food and family. We’ve taken food that we have eaten and loved as children and have hand-crafted recipes based on fresh Sonoran and local ingredients to share with our community. From our humble food truck, to our current location at 28 West Center Street in Pima, a location that we have built and crafted with our own hands each day, we have enjoyed sharing our food and culture with you and hope to continue to sharing in your happiness, entertainment, enjoyment of great food and love for our community. 

Come eat at our table, where there is always room for one more!